> Because they are still valid bugs in Debian. As long as those buggy
> versions are present in the archive they are valid bugs.
> Or at least that's what I understand from the text. If the bugs are not
> really in the archive then it's really ok to close them.

Well the versions for that they are reported are at least oldstable or even 
older. If they are still valid bugs for stable or newer we don't know, if we 
do not check them bug by bug. On the other side, the code of the kdepim 
changed a lot, so many of them may be fixed. This is the reason why upstream 
closed them. Can you please tell me how important this issue is for you? Do 
you think, I should reopen the bugs? 

We also have a bug bunch of bugs, that were not forwarded and are marked for 
versions < 15.08. The question raises, how we handle those. As they were not 
forwarded and not touched for years, but closing those feels wrong. So you 
think sending a slightly different text and making them as wontfix+needsinfo  
would be a good idea?

Any ideas, if and how we can bulk process some of those bugs, to have a 
shorter list of open bugs, we can than look in more detail... Is there a 
better tool than the browser to view/process bugs?


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