In our IRC meeting we decided to keep our www repo as-is for now, and whenever 
someone has time for creating something new we would change to some static 
page generator.

I've already imported www.git to salsa, s.d.o/qt-kde-team/www

From what I understood from we 
currently *only* can push already-processed webpages:

   Note: Even though we plan to support simple page generators like Jekyll or
   Hugo in the future, in most cases, you should content yourself with the
   HTML template, and generate the pages locally to push them afterward, in
   order to save the resources on the runner. Some templates might require
   commands not available on the server anyway. 

The HTML template reads:

  # This file is a template...<snip "please edit" notice>
  # Full project:
    stage: deploy
    - mkdir .public
    - cp -r * .public
    - mv .public public
      - public
    - master

So if I understand correctly we could go ahead with what we currenlty have by 
running and committing *also* the generated pages in the output 
directory to git, then just modifying the cp line above to get the contents 
from output.

So before going ahead, does someone has any issues wrt this? Any better ideas?


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