Scarlett: here is a a review of the package.

First as I wrote on IRC:

<lisandro> sgclark: I have just forwarded you a mail from ScottK when he 
reviewed qt5ct
<lisandro> qt5ct depends on environment variables, so we should really do what 
policy says there
<lisandro> sgclark: regarding latte-dock: if you check http:// you will see lintian warnings
<lisandro> out of them out-of-date-standards-version and debian-watch-uses-
insecure-uri can surely be fixed

= debian/changelog

The package has never been part of Debian so there must be only one changelog 
entry. With that I also mean that we do not want Neon entries there.

= debian/compat

We might want to use 11 now, which is the current version.

= debian/control

- As debian/compat is 10 you must depend on debhelper >= 10
- Vcs-[Browser Git] should point to

I have not checked copyright, will do with the next upload.

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