El lunes, 9 de abril de 2018 13:46:39 -03 Maximiliano Curia escribió:
> Hi,
> Other packages:
>  - kdeaccessibility depends upon jovie (KDE4 based), kaccessible (KDE4
> based), kmouth (KDE4 based), I'm not even sure if these are usable right
> now. :/ 

I think some of these will become KF5 with Qt 5.10, as QtSpeech is needed. 
Actually I think Pino did kmouth recently.

Tosky might also have some insight in this.

>  - should we recommend/suggest krita?

This was was missaligned for me and I almost oversee it. I would add it for 
sure in kde-full, don't know if in standard.


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