I've got a problem building lustre in chroot environments. I've got
lenny etch and sid both amd64 and i386 on my system. All the building
for lustre worked all the way up to trying to build the modules
against the kernel. The line running a make prepare scripts in the
source directory didn't work. The kernel automagically takes a look at
uname -r and assumes you are on that architecture not nessasarily what
the build environment can support. I'm wondering what an appropriate
fix for this would be, I couldn't seem to find a magic make variable
in the module-assistant environment to pass to the kernel. So I'm
wondering if calling make-kpkg with a target of configure would be
more appropriate since that passes the appropriate ARCH variable to
the kernel and does the appropriate things to the kernel source to
allow for module building (I think).

Any help would be appreciated.

- David Brown

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