Hi Patrick,

thanks for posting the state of your analysis.

On 2008-10-20 07:01:03.00 Patrick Winnertz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So: In my eyes this is not a bug in lustre-source itself but in any  
> other package. I would like to digg further before reassigning it  
> again to another package. 
That would be good medium term, but...

> Fixing it in lustre-source would be easy: Removing only the make -C  
> $(KSRC) prepare call in debian/rules ....

... IMO, not using make -C $(KSRC) in lustre-source seems like a good  
option for lenny because it is an inherently local fix (i.e. it only  
changes the behavior for one module) where fixing make-kpkg or  
anything else is necessarily less so.
As such, what do you think about dropping make -C $(KSRC) and  
downgrading the the severity of this bug after that has migrated to  

Kind regards


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