On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 01:24:14PM +0100, Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> After a speak with upstream it got clear that newer version won't compile 
> (and 
> if they would compile) there is no guarantee that you didn't break your 
> lustre 

It appears that a small tweak to debian/patches/e2fsprogs-lfsck.patch
lets it build fine.

What is confusing me is the comment that says

        /* Open the environment with full transactional support. */

But then the environment is not opened with transactional support.

        if ((rc = dbenv->open(dbenv, "/tmp", DB_CREATE | DB_PRIVATE |
                              DB_INIT_MPOOL|DB_INIT_LOCK|DB_THREAD, 0)) != 0) {

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