Den den 3 juni 2009 18:06 skrev Patrick Winnertz<>:
> Am Mittwoch 03 Juni 2009 13:43:37 schrieb Timh Bergström:
>> Hello,
>> Im just wondering if this release is based on 1.6.7 or (or any
>> other minor release)?
>> It it's 1.6.7 then please consider removing the release from the tree
>> due to a number of serious problems with 1.6.7.
> This is based on 1.6.7 which several patches added, in fact the patched
> sourcee is more or less Hope that helps you.
> Greetings
> Winnie
> ps: I'm just preparing 1.8.0 packages which should be ready tomorrow for
> testing. so if you like I can give you some etch (lenny?) builds.

Hello and thanks for the reply!

I feel alot more safe now. :-)

I would really like to test the 1.8.0 builds, we run both etch and
lenny so I could test both.

Which kernel are they based on?

Best Regards,
Timh Bergström
System Operations Manager
Diino AB -

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