Hi altogether,

> I tested the 1.8.1 experimental source on lenny.
> dpkg-buildpackage stops with:
> ../../../../../lustre/tests/mpi/parallel_grouplock.c:53:39: error: 
> lustre/tests/mpi/lp_utils.h: No such file or directory
I also tried building the lustre 1.8.1 packages on lenny and found
"./configure --enable-mpitests=no ... " as a workaround - before reading
this post.

But now I have a different problem trying to build robinhood
(http://robinhood.sf.net/) which requires lustre-dev:
/usr/include/lustre/lustre_idl.h from lustre-dev tries to include
libcfs/kp30.h which belongs to the lustre sources but isn't installed
into the lustre-dev package and itself pulls loads of other lustre
include files. This breaks the compilation.

robinhood compiles on Lenny/amd64 when I deinstall lustre-dev and pass
the dirs lustre/include and lnet/include from the lustre source
directory as additional include dirs via CPPFLAGS instead.

It looks like this is an upstream bug as the required headers are not
installed to the build dir by make install at all but I may be missing

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