> But now I have a different problem trying to build robinhood
> (http://robinhood.sf.net/) which requires lustre-dev:
> /usr/include/lustre/lustre_idl.h from lustre-dev tries to include
> libcfs/kp30.h which belongs to the lustre sources but isn't installed
> into the lustre-dev package and itself pulls loads of other lustre
> include files. This breaks the compilation.
Okay, thanks for this hint. I'll have a look on what is going wrong there and 
give you access to fixed packages tomorrow.

> It looks like this is an upstream bug as the required headers are not
> installed to the build dir by make install at all but I may be missing
> something.
Yepp, indeed, It seems that the makefiles where not adjusted after adding this 
header file into the #include. I'll fix this and search for other issues 


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