Hi Winnie,

just tried your git commit from Oct, 8  for a patched
vanilla 2.6.27 (which would be really, really nice to have).
After applying your new 2.6.27-vanilla.series to,
kernel compilation stops here:

  CC [M]  fs/quota_v2.o
fs/quota_v2.c: In function 'v2_read_file_info':
fs/quota_v2.c:114: error: 'qinfo' undeclared (first use in this function)
fs/quota_v2.c:114: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
fs/quota_v2.c:114: error: for each function it appears in.)
fs/quota_v2.c: In function 'v2r0_is_id':
fs/quota_v2.c:193: error: 'struct mem_dqinfo' has no member named 'dqi_priv'
fs/quota_v2.c: In function 'v2r1_disk2memdqb':
fs/quota_v2.c:209: error: implicit declaration of function 'v2_qbtos'
fs/quota_v2.c: In function 'v2r1_mem2diskdqb':
fs/quota_v2.c:225: error: 'struct mem_dqinfo' has no member named 'dqi_priv'
fs/quota_v2.c:231: error: implicit declaration of function 'v2_stoqb'
make[1]: *** [fs/quota_v2.o] Error 1

Could you build a kernel with the series applied?

Bye, Ralf
        Ralf Utermann
        Universität Augsburg, Institut für Physik   --   EDV-Betreuer
        D-86135 Augsburg                     Phone:  +49-821-598-3231
        SMTP: ralf.uterm...@physik.uni-augsburg.de         Fax: -3411

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