> Upstream support is irrelavant for this bug.
Nope it is not..

in fact this situation was exactly the same for the last two debian
releases... lustre didn't support the standard kernel in these
this is not that bad than it sounds as lustre is a very very specific
kind of software, which is rarely/not at all used by normal users. 

This specific package is needed to build the kernel modules for the
server and the client servers of lustre - and for this you really need
plain kernel.org kernels (or SLES ones). 

I would really appreciate if we could come to the agreement, as done for
the last releases also, that the support of the standard debian kernel
is no RC bug for lustre. Loosing this type of software in debian, would
be not good. Citing wikipedia:

Because Lustre has high performance capabilities and open licensing, it
is often used in super computers. At the present time, fifteen of the
top 30 supercomputers in the world have Lustre file systems in them,
including the world's fastest TOP500 supercomputer, IBM Sequoia.


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