Hello list,
are there any working packages to get lustre 2.2 for squeeze?
I tried packages linked from wiki http://wiki.debian.org/Lustre
but no luck there.
I followed advices in this email
but no luck again

There is message 
fsfilt_ldiskfs: Unknown symbol jbd2_log_start_commit

I compiled my own kernel patched with lustre-patch, 
where i enabled CONFIG_JBD2_DEBUG to get this symbol in kernel

But with this kernel, i'm unable to build lustre-modules.
First, it complained about missing 64-bit quota support. 
I found out, that lustre-patch forgets to patch include/linux/quota.h with this 
#define QFMT_VFS_V1 4

Then it complained that it cannot patch ext4 kernel source.
This is where i stopped. I tried to let it patch vanilla kernel, 
kernel with lustre-patch, kernel with debian-patch
Nothing worked.


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