Hello Thomas,

For several weeks new, I'm trying to install luster 2.2 on debian squeeze 
server. From what I've observed, the problem seems to be the creation of the 
files system "mgs/mdt" and then mount.
The error message about the file /etc/mke2fs.conf, seems like a "warning". To 
avoid this, vast with adding a new line in the file, like this:

ldiskfs = {
     blocksize = 4096

Initially, to create the file system "MGS/MDT," we must run mkfs.lustre 
avoiding default option "dirdata", which is not covered by the current version 

$ mkfs.lustre --fsname=lustrefs --mdt --mgs --reformat --mkfsoptions="-E 
stripe-width = 2-i 4096-O ^ dirdata" --failnode=mdserver-1 
--mgsnode=mdserver-0@tcp0 /dev/sdc1

After creating the system successfully, the next problem comes when committing 
mount the new filesystem:

$ mount -t luster /dev/sdc1 /mgs

It seems that the whole problem is loading the kernel module fsfilt_ldsikfs, 
which is dependent of "ldiskfs":

$ modprobe fsfilt_ldiskfs
FATAL: Error inserting fsfilt_ldiskfs (/ 
Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

Running "dmesg", we note the following:

$ dmesg
[81314.051179] fsfilt_ldiskfs: Unknown symbol jbd2_log_start_commit

As we can see, there are a symbol required that is not implemented in the 
module. This is the key to the problem. I guess solving this, we get to create 
completely server Lustre MGS …

Any idea if someone has managed to create the appropriate patch???


Jose Angel Herrero Velasco

Dto. Electrónica y Computadores (ATC)
Facultad de Ciencias
Telf: +34 942 202248
mail: herrer...@gestion.unican.es<mailto:herrer...@gestion.unican.es>

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