[tl;dr: if a DD is interested in actively sponsoring uploads, I'll look
 into packaging this]

Greetings Lustre packaging maintainers,

I'm doing some large-scale bioinformatics work on Lustre filesystems, so it
would be really nice to have the Lustre userland utilities.

Even with Lustre support in mainline Linux, you still need the userland
utilities to mount the filesystem, let alone interact with the Lustre
internals in a meaningful way for troubleshooting and management.

Looks like Ben asked about this a couple months ago:


I can probably get my client to sponsor this work, but I've experienced a
number of cases in the past where getting someone's attention for a
sponsored upload to Debian, even with great looking, lintian-clean, bug free
packaging, has been difficult or impossible. I realize that wasn't your
problem, but I hope you can understand that I don't want to go to the effort
of this client pitch and the resulting packaging work if the result won't
end up in Debian.


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