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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release
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Patrick Winnertz (15):
      Removed obsolete svn-deblayout, since we now use git
      Bump standards version - no other changes needed.
      Clean up TODO list
      Fix script which uses functions not available in sh
      Fix two lintian msg about missing magic sh header
      Removed unused patch from debian/patches/
      Add override for liblustre not linked against libc
      Install lintian overrides into the corresponding packages
      Add 2.6.27 patchless support
      Fix some smaller issues with patchless support for 2.6.27
      Second snapshot release
      Remove make -C $(KSRC) prepare call.
      Revert 2.6.27er support - this is still experimental and not meant for 
      Prepare for upload of
      Removed patchless support for 2.6.27 to get a cleaner diff for 
debian-release team


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