On Mi, 2011-01-12 at 09:26 -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
> This is not a position we should back down from as a project without some
> very specific legal counsel about the risks and a *consensual* decision *as
> a project* to change our handling of trademark claims.  Maintainers going it
> alone to ask upstreams for trademark permission, as in this case, erode
> Debian's overall position on trademarks vs. package and file names.  Please
> don't do this.  Far from "playing it safe" legally, you're instead putting
> at risk the work of all those other maintainers who have put countless hours
> into integrating around the standard upstream names.
That's basically a superset of what I wrote on IRC after the initial
email happened (basically, I wrote something like: asking upstream for
permission is stupid, it's their trademark, and as long as nobody wants
to sue you, everything is fine).

I don't know why OdyX decided to do this, there was no prior discussion
of this, and I never supported this, and I am sure most of the others
did not support this either.
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