Jeremiah Foster wrote:

> On Feb 15, 2011, at 13:16, Loïc Minier wrote:
>> Thanks for kicking this off!  FTR, following the recent Nokia
>> announcement, I'm not anticipating much work on pkg-meego in the
>> future.
> There are other verticals that MeeGo addresses aside from just the Handset
> vertical. For example, there is stuff happening in automotive in MeeGo IVI
> which will be beneficial to Debian should one want to install Debian on an
> automotive head unit. MeeGo also has had uptake in televisions and other
> handset makers are involved as well.
> So, I wouldn't write off packages flowing into Debian from MeeGo just yet.

My trigger to call for this meeting has been the Squeeze release, not the 
recent "thing" we got from Nokia. I personally do not want to focus on this 

My goal in holding the meeting is to discuss things; how do we foresee the 
future of our project, what we can bring to Debian from the MeeGo 
etc. A possible conclusion might very well be "it's not worth it anymore, 
let's stop." I would prefer have us work as a team towards [SMART] goals 
them small or big doesn't matter much) than continue in various indefinite 

So every possible option is open.


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