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Christoph Anton Mitterer:
> It seems that apart form loosing some security due to the campaign of the
> anti-CAcert fraction (I wonder why it is better to have e.g. rules for
> cacert.org removed, I mean... if people go to that site they WILL have the
> certs installed manually and will want that security)...

The CACert rules are still there, just disabled by default.

> Anyway...as the screenshot shows.... basically all but a few other rules
> seem to be gone as well... o.O

The rules are there. If you visit <http://www.debian.org/> you will
notice that HTTPS Everywhere will rewrite the URL… and the URL will be
shown in the rule list.

I agree this is a major inconvenience though, especially if you wish to
renable CACert-supported rules.

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