@David: thanks a lot for looking into this!

David Prévot wrote (29 Jun 2014 01:32:47 GMT) :
> Looking at their README [1], it may be a bit challenging to distribute it
> within Debian: “The Disconnect logos […] used in this program cannot be
> reused without permission and no license is granted thereto.” (If I
> understood correctly the purpose of this extension is to “See how websites
> collect and use your data” with “Easy-to-understand icons for thousands of
> sites” [2])

Indeed... I should have looked beyond than what
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/disconnect/ was telling
me. Many icons under firefox/content/disconnect.safariextension in the
source tree are, I guess, problematic to distribute. So, even if we
were willing to package a rebranded version of this extension (to
avoid issues with upstream's trademark policy and non-free logos), we
would still not be there.

@Freepto folks: are you interested in looking at this deeper, e.g.
to find ways to replace the non-free icons with others? If not,
I think we should simply close this RFP bug.

There are also quite a few embedded code copies:
I've not looked at which of these ones are available in Debian.


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