On 27/09/14 18:10, "David Prévot" wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> On 22/09/14 13:22, Ximin Luo wrote:
>>>>> I promise I will update this package
>> If you want to block update of a package
> My “blocking” sounds like a strong accusation. The upstream changelog
> issues were raised on the initial upload of the package, and back then
> (i.e., about five months ago), you intended to “experiment with it”. I’m
> fine waiting for such experiment to conclude, but if you intend to blame
> me for blocking stuff, do consider finding another sponsor.

You are talking about two separate things. 5 months ago you observed that we 
did not parse the HTML into human-readable lists. I did play with it, but 
didn't like any of the options. I still am not sure of the best way to deal 
with that, and nobody has offered any constructive suggestions.

The thing that I promised to fix in the next version of the package, is #762310 
which you found just a few weeks ago, and I am in the process of dealing with 
it. [1]

Saying that I have not fulfilled my promises, when I am already in the process 
of doing so, is itself an unwarranted strong accusation. You are using this as 
the basis for not sponsoring my package, so why is it unreasonable for me to 
call it "blocking"?

If you think the HTML changelog issue is important enough, that we *should not* 
release packages that have this issue, then you should explicitly say so, and I 
will treat that issue with higher priority. Do you? I still have no idea. There 
is no need to make sarcastic comments like "stop making contentless pings". 
Obviously, if I make "contentless pings" I think that everything is fine, so 
you ought to explain exactly what you think is wrong.

I acknowledge this:

[2014-05-05 17:34:13] <taffit> infinity0: I’d prefer you’d not push the debian/ 
tag (e.g., in case [..]
[2014-05-08 13:51:22] <infinity0> taffit: ok i'll do that next time

and I am sorry for fucking up on that front, but 5 months is a long time and I 
only do this every few months.


[1] https://github.com/mozilla/olympia/pull/301


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