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I’d like to request in advance an unblock of package firetray.

The current version 0.4.8 of firetray in Sid and Jessie is one year old.
The upcoming version 0.5 fixes at least one important bug (#719545).
The 0.5 branch is updated in experimental for three months now.

More detailed explanation:

The 0.5 branch is mature [1] in my humble opinion, but the current amo
review process will a priori delay the actual 0.5.2 version to be
published early November.

        1: the diffstat between 0.5.1~rc1+dfsg-1 and 0.5.2~rc1+dfsg-1 is
           not too big:
             14 files changed, 143 insertions(+), 96 deletions(-)

I’m uneasy to publish an RC version of firetray to unstable so close to
the freeze, but if you’d pre-approve the principle of unblocking the
final release, that could be a worthy option.

The actual diffstat between the version 0.4.8 currently in Jessie and
the latest 0.5.2~rc1+dfsg-1 in experimental is huge:
  147 files changed, 5694 insertions(+), 2507 deletions(-)
and I’d prefer not imposing its review to you, that’s why I’m looking
for advice in advance.

unblock firetray/0.5.2

If the current amo review process of the latest 0.5.2~rc1 succeeds, the
upstream diff between 0.5.2~rc1 and should be null, but if it fails,
I’d propose to unblock firetray/0.5.3 with a hopefully minimal diff.

(Of course, if firetray becomes incompatible with the latest version of
Mozilla products pushed by the security team, I may propose a more
insane upgrade latter during the freeze or even during Jessie’s
lifetime, but that shouldn’t stop us to try and follow the more
rationale course of action if possible…)

Thanks in advance for considering.



P.-S.: sorry to bother with so many words for a such a non important

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