I uploaded an initial packaging for Cryptocat to
This is my first browser extension packaging.

Concerning this git repository:
1. Sorry for the first intial, faulty commit (it contained a lot of
files non relevant to Iceweasel). I did not want this to appear in the
git log and forced a push. Maybe there was a better way, if so, please
tell me about it.
2. Then i have a question: For other packages i work on, I generally add
the upstream repositories as remotes. However, the Cryptocat upstream
also contains directories for other browsers then Firefox/Iceweasel. I
was wondering if any of you have experience with using `git
sparse-checkout` for that kind of case and can tell me if that is the
way to go here.
3. I did not tag the version yet. Will do that as soon as it has been

I have also not uploaded a build of the package to mentors.d.o (but if
required i can do so).

When testing, you should either use the non-Tor Cryptocat server or have
a system Tor and privoxy running (then you need to configure port 9050
as SOCKS5 proxy in Iceweasel as well as you will need to set
"network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" in about:config to "true"), otherwise
it will not work and you will be stuck at the end of the key generation
phase. (I package this extension intially for use in Tails where this
kind of configuration might be easier to achieve.)

If any of you would be available to review it, and eventually sponsor
it, that would be great.

I read this list.


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