u wrote:
> Hi,
> is there any chance one of you can review this packaging in the upcoming
> days or weeks?
> Or is there a list of things which i should or could verify myself
> (except Lintian warnings and testing of the .deb itself)?
> Cheers!
>> I uploaded an initial packaging for Cryptocat to
>> ssh://
>> This is my first browser extension packaging.
>> Concerning this git repository:
>> 1. Sorry for the first intial, faulty commit (it contained a lot of
>> files non relevant to Iceweasel). I did not want this to appear in the
>> git log and forced a push. Maybe there was a better way, if so, please
>> tell me about it.
>> 2. Then i have a question: For other packages i work on, I generally add
>> the upstream repositories as remotes. However, the Cryptocat upstream
>> also contains directories for other browsers then Firefox/Iceweasel. I
>> was wondering if any of you have experience with using `git
>> sparse-checkout` for that kind of case and can tell me if that is the
>> way to go here.

I understood in the meantime that this is not possible. So skip this

>> 3. I did not tag the version yet. Will do that as soon as it has been
>> reviewed.
>> I have also not uploaded a build of the package to mentors.d.o (but if
>> required i can do so).
>> When testing, you should either use the non-Tor Cryptocat server or have
>> a system Tor and privoxy running (then you need to configure port 9050
>> as SOCKS5 proxy in Iceweasel as well as you will need to set
>> "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" in about:config to "true"), otherwise
>> it will not work and you will be stuck at the end of the key generation
>> phase. (I package this extension intially for use in Tails where this
>> kind of configuration might be easier to achieve.)
>> If any of you would be available to review it, and eventually sponsor
>> it, that would be great.
>> I read this list.

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