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Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your interest in packaged extensions.

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 04:19:37PM +0100, Francesco Poli (wintermute) wrote:
> Package: xul-ext-noscript
> Since the latest upgrade:
> [UPGRADE] iceweasel:amd64 31.1.0esr-1 -> 31.2.0esr-3
> [UPGRADE] xul-ext-noscript:amd64 2.6.9-1 ->
> I've experienced an issue with the ABE (Application Boundaries
> Enforcer).

I suspect it might have been introduced in the recent

x [ABE] More restrictive local IP checks (thanks AlbertMTom
  for reporting) has been available in experimental, so you can fetch it
from snapshot to validate this assumption:

> Could you please investigate this bug?

I don’t have much time myself to look into it currently (but other
people in the team might). I just pushed to experimental the latest
upstream version (, does it magically fix your issue?

( doesn’t seem
directly related, but one can hope anyway.)

If it doesn’t, it would be nice to report it upstream if it’s not
already done:

( doesn’t have
a follow up by the way.)

It might be better if you could submit it yourself if possible (since
you’re the one experiencing the issue, you could be more reactive to
follow up if asked), but I can proxy it if needed, please, tell me.



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