On 11/24/2014 12:11 PM, Oleg Moskalenko wrote:

> On 11/24/2014 08:57 AM, Daniel Kahn Gillmor via RT wrote:
>> Oleg, could you pleas follow up on #519183 with information about:
>>  * what version of enigmail and icedove you are using

Please report this information as well.

 dpkg -l icedove enigmail

and also by looking at "About Enigmail" from within icedove.

>>  * the output of the following commands:
>>   grep enigmail.composeHtmlAlertCount ~/.icedove/*/prefs.js
> user_pref("extensions.enigmail.composeHtmlAlertCount", 0);
>>   grep compose_html ~/.icedove/*/prefs.js
> empty output

This makes it sound like you've ended up in one of the configurations
that enigmail explicitly does not expect to work properly (composing
html mail with inline-pgp signatures), and i think you (or someone else
using your mail profile) has clicked through enigmail's warning about it
at least 3 times.

Please review the notes here:


and let me know if you've made any of the changes in question.



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