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-=| David Prévot, 27.11.2014 06:52:39 -0400 |=-
> Thanks for your analyses and your patch!

You're welcome!

> Le 26/11/2014 16:56, Damyan Ivanov a écrit :
> > The following patch removes the code that phones home (applies to 
> > 2.3-1 too).
> Could you please make a team upload with this fix to unstable? The
> window for accepting important fixes for Jessie closes on December 5th,
> it would be nice if this fix could make it in time.

Will do. It is true I am part of the pkg-mozext team, but haven't 
contributed lately so I went the conservative way. Thanks for the 
encouragement :)

I'll also ask the release team for an unblock after the package enters 
the archive.


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