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Hi Ralf--

Thanks for the report!

On Wed 2015-01-21 07:17:56 -0500, Ralf Jung wrote:

> Dear Maintainer,
> Enigmial is unable to sign keys: When I attempt to do so ("Sign Key", select 
> any
> option for how careful I was), I get a message box saying
>   Key signing failed
> In the Icedove error log, the following message appears:
>   [JavaScript Error: "Unknown command prompt: [GNUPG:] GET_LIN
>   "]

how odd, this works for me, actually.  Perhaps there is some sort of
difference in settings or something different about our GnuPG keychains
or configurations?

Can you send (either to the bug here publicly if you're OK with that),
or to me privately) the output of:

 egrep -i 'enigmail|pgp' ~/.icedove/*.default/prefs.js
 cat ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

(feel free to redact if you think it would help you feel comfortable
sending this info)

This would help me to see what configurations might be different from
the configurations that work for me.

Another useful thing would be to capture a log of the enigmail
activity.  you can get that by creating a log via:

 Engmail > Preferences > "Display Expert Menus and Settings" >
 Debugging > "Log directory"

(you might need to restart icedove after making that change)  and then
try signing the key again.  At that point you should have a debug log
created that you can review and send (again, either publicly -- to this
bug report -- or privately to me)

> This is a regression - signing used to work fine In an earlier version
> (half a year ago, or more).

Hopefully we can get it fixed.


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