On 20/02/15 17:08, u wrote:
> Heya,
> Ximin Luo:
>> On 03/02/15 18:12, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
>>> On Tue 2015-02-03 11:08:49 -0500, u wrote:
>>>> However, I am still not completely done with the package, because now I
>>>> get different lintian errors:
>>>> E: cryptocat source: source-is-missing 
>>>> chrome/content/data/js/lib/tinycon.js
>>>> E: cryptocat source: source-is-missing
>>>> chrome/content/data/js/lib/mousetrap.js
>>>> E: cryptocat source: source-is-missing
>>>> chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.js
>>>> E: cryptocat source: source-is-missing
>>>> chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.color.js
>>>> From what I understand, this is due to the fact that these files are
>>>> minimized. Should I fix this by adding the debian/missing-sources
>>>> directory?
>>> yep, this is probably a reasonable way to go.  Alternately, you could
>>> make sure that the source javascript is present in the debian archive
>>> separately, and just link to them separately.
> I opted for the missing-sources for those 3 files.
>>>> Also I do not completely understand why jquery.js still shows up in this
>>>> list either, as it is symlinked now.
>>> the warnings are warnings from the source package -- the linkage happens
>>> in the binary package, right?
>>> There are two approaches to fixing this: one is to re-pack the upstream
>>> source package so that it doesn't include jquery at all; the other
>>> approach is to include the source in debian/missing-sources.  They're
>>> both pretty frustrating choices to have to make, but they're the result
>>> of upstream shipping what is effectively compiled code in their source
>>> distribution.
>> Repacking upstream these days is actually not that hard - you can add a 
>> Files-Excluded: line to debian/copyright, and uscan will automatically 
>> repack the upstream tarball and exclude those files. Make sure you edit 
>> debian/watch too, so the upstream version has a +dfsg1 appended. 
>> Example:
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/infinity0-guest/cpp-netlib.git/tree/debian/copyright?id=3cf4144d59bda11c1dcc2af7dba6592daa9a00bd
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/infinity0-guest/cpp-netlib.git/tree/debian/watch?id=3cf4144d59bda11c1dcc2af7dba6592daa9a00bd
>> I think this is neater than adding redundant things to 
>> debian/missing-sources.
> I opted for repacking upstream for strophe.js and jquery.js - as those
> packages exist in Debian.
> So I've added this line to debian/copyright (and added the watch file):
> `Files-Excluded: chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.js
> chrome/content/data/js/lib/strophe/strophe.js`
> However, strophe does not throw an error, but jquery still does:
> E: cryptocat source: source-is-missing
> chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.js
> I don't quite understand it. Any ideas?
> This seems to be the last missing bit..

Hi Ulrike,

When using Files-Excluded, you need to repack the original source again (e.g. 
using "uscan --force-download" or something) then do a "gbp import-orig" of the 
repacked upstream tarball (that now has a +dfsg1 in the *upstream* version 

It doesn't appear you've yet done this in cryptocat.git. For example, see 
 - the most recent commit is not 0.11.1 which is what upstream released, but 
0.11.1+dfsg1 which was repacked by uscan with the Files-Excluded directive.



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