Ximin Luo:

> Hi Ulrike,
> When using Files-Excluded, you need to repack the original source again (e.g. 
> using "uscan --force-download" or something) then do a "gbp import-orig" of 
> the repacked upstream tarball (that now has a +dfsg1 in the *upstream* 
> version string).
> It doesn't appear you've yet done this in cryptocat.git. For example, see 
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/infinity0-guest/cpp-netlib.git/log/?h=upstream
>  - the most recent commit is not 0.11.1 which is what upstream released, but 
> 0.11.1+dfsg1 which was repacked by uscan with the Files-Excluded directive.

Oh ok, thanks, indeed.
Will get back to you soon :)


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