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Package: xul-ext-fullscreen
Version: 1.0.4-1
Severity: serious

[Filled as RC by a team member to see it autoremoved from testing if
 nobody disagrees. Please, do downgrade it with an explanation if you

As far as I can tell, the native fullscreen feature (F11) of current
iceweasel versions provides the actual fullscreen this extension used to
provide (I was an happy user of it with my 9” screen eeepc a few years

Actually, the F11 key didn't use to be scriptable (via prefs.js et al). That was my original motivation to upload xul-ext-fullscreen to Debian. At that time, I needed a browser on a customer system that started in fullscreen right away. Actually, at work I will need this feature soon again (haven't been in need for it for a while).

I actually just notice that xul-ext-fullscreen 1.0.4 is unusable with Iceweasel 32.x. That's a pity.

Do you have any clue, if fullscreen can be achieved with latest Iceweasel without explicitly hitting the F11 key?

There hasn’t been any upstream release since almost four years, and the
popcon is very low.

I intend to follow up with an RM request in a few months if nobody
objects (but feel free to beat me to it).

Let's get the above sorted out and then I will be with you.


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