Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : xul-ext-download-manager-s3
  Version         : 3.10
  Upstream Author : Oleksandr 
* URL             :
* License         : MPL2
  Programming Lang: JavaScript, XUL
  Description     : download management statusbar for iceweasel

It should be noted that this (at least some parts of the status bar
itself) look similar to the add-on "Download Statusbar"
which has already been part of Debian previously:
and seems no longer maintainer upstream (and not even working in current
versions of FF).

That other add-on, was removed on my request as the license was changed
to a proprietary one (see bug #660699).
And when I asked the new owning user at add-ons Mozilla, he claimed
that releasing it previously under some free (IIRC, MPL) license was a
mistake and whatsoever...

So the add-on I'm writing an RFP here, *may* have a license issue.
OTOH, it may also just look similar to the other add-on (I haven't
compared the code).
And even it it would actually be based on the other add-on (the add-on page
says "This is a new life in Firefox 26+ for old well-known addon Download
Statusbar"), it's highly questionable whether the owning user of that can simply
say "no, that was never really released under a free license",
because it *was*,... and if these guys were too stupid to select the
correct license, well then it's their fault.

So I personally would think that it's absolutely fine to package
the download-manager-s3 add-on, and that we can believe in it's
license being okay.
But I'm not legal expert, and in doubt debian-legal should be asked.


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