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Le 27/05/2015 18:05, Martin Kimmerle a écrit :

> I've forked the 0.5.x branch a few days ago. […] So the new release has
> version 0.5.29

Good to know.

> I strongly advise to use the 0.5.x branch *at least* for Debian Jessie.

Assuming 0.5.29 will work with Iceweasel/Firefox 38, sure, upgrading to
0.5.29 when Iceweasel 38 will be in Debian Jessie will probably be a
less disruptive change, thanks for the advice.

> I suppose Iceweasel 38 will migrate to Jessie soon, as Firefox's
> new/next ESR release is version 38.

That’s not likely to happen with the next point release (scheduled in
less than two weeks), but probably with the following one (due in a few

> By the way, the diff between 0.5.28 and 0.5.29 (the RPC release) is
> quite small [5].

That’s good (will ease reviewing by the release team, before accepting
it for Jessie).

> Is that a problem for continuity in the debian repo?

Going back to 0.5 now that 1.0 is in unstable is not straightforward,
but since we are merely preparing the next stable release (Stretch,
probably due in two years), RP 1.0 (or more) will probably be stable at
that time ;).



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