>> I suppose Iceweasel 38 will migrate to Jessie soon, as Firefox's
>> new/next ESR release is version 38.
> That’s not likely to happen with the next point release (scheduled in
> less than two weeks), but probably with the following one (due in a few
> months).

Good to know. Seems like Fx31 ESR is supported until Fx40 is released as
stable, see

>> Is that a problem for continuity in the debian repo?
> Going back to 0.5 now that 1.0 is in unstable is not straightforward,
> but since we are merely preparing the next stable release (Stretch,
> probably due in two years), RP 1.0 (or more) will probably be stable at
> that time ;).

Yes, that's what I suppose as well.


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