> The (annoyingly ever displayed) extra tab explains very well what should
> be done, but I don’t get the Automatic Save Folder menu under the “What
> should Firefox do with this file?” box.
> Am I missing something?

I don't remember ever seing an "Automatic Save Folder" menu as long as
I've used this extension, but the standard "save" menu does remember
the save folders, according to file type, and other info.  At least it
always defaults to my datasheets/ folder when requesting to save a PDF
datasheet, and my taxes/ folder when saving tax documents, and that
still works with 38.0.1.

The only annoying behaviour I see, is all those "help/update" tabs it
opens in each open window, every time I restart FF.  Is that what
you're refering to with "(annoyingly ever displayed) extra tab" ?  I
stumbled onto this report while checking that very problem had not
been reported already...

Isn't there anything refering to that help/update.xhtml in the source
?  Many other extensions display such a page once on upgrade, it
should not be too hard to bring it in line with what others are doing ?

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