Hi Emmanuel--

On Wed 2015-08-19 11:11:36 +0200, Emmanuel Fleury wrote:
>> egrep -i 'enigmail|pgp' ~/.icedove/*/prefs.js
> Here is my configuration of Iceweasel (it's not far from the vanilla one):

thanks for this:

> user_pref("extensions.enigmail.advancedUser", true);
> user_pref("extensions.enigmail.configuredVersion", "1.8.2pre3");
> user_pref("extensions.enigmail.keyserver", "pgp.mit.edu,
> pool.sks-keyservers.net, keys.gnupg.net");
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.attachPgpKey", false);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.enablePgp", true);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.openPgpHeaderMode", 0);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.pgpKeyMode", 0);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.pgpMimeMode", true);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.pgpSignEncrypted", false);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id1.pgpSignPlain", true);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.attachPgpKey", false);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.enablePgp", true);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.openPgpHeaderMode", 0);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.pgpKeyMode", 0);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.pgpMimeMode", true);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.pgpSignEncrypted", false);
> user_pref("mail.identity.id2.pgpSignPlain", true);


I don't see anything particularly wrong with your configurations here.
As you say, it's quite close to the vanilla one.

However, i've done a bit more testing, and i have some more diagnostic
questions to ask:

 a) what version(s) of pinentry do you have installed?  what do you use
    by default?

dpkg -l 'pinentry*'
dpkg -S $(readlink -f $(which pinentry))
grep pinentry-program ~/.gnupg/*.conf

 b) what what desktop environment are you using (GNOME, KDE, etc)?

 c) while icedove+enigmail is open and failing with gnupg2 and
    gnupg-agent 2.1.7 installed, can you open another terminal in the
    same session and take the following steps to restart the gpg-agent:

gpg-connect-agent killagent /bye
gpg-connect-agent /bye

    Then go back to enigmail to try to do some secret-key operation
    (decrypting a message, sending a signed message)

If it turns out that you're using pinentry-gnome3 on a gnome desktop
environment, and the steps in (c) resolve things for you, then i suspect
there's an issue with the environment variables passed by enigmail to
gpg (and from there to gpg-agent).

Can you let me know whether the above steps work for you?  This might be
something to fix in enigmail.


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