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Hi Kalle,

Thanks a lot for your bug report, your detailed investigation, and your
proposed fix!

Le 27/08/2015 04:59, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo a écrit :
> Package: xul-ext-noscript
> Version:

> A menu with the following options popped up:
>   Salli tilapäisesti
>   Salli
>   ---------------------------------------
>   Epäluotettava                         >

For future references, you may launch iceweasel in English in order to
share the messages out of your defined locale: “LC_ALL=C iceweasel”.
Anyway, thanks to your explanations, the problem is pretty clear and
will be easy to reproduce.

> This menu no longer lets me temporarily add sites to the whitelist.

Looks like a pretty serious regression to me, raising the severity

> In /usr/share/doc/xul-ext-noscript/changelog.gz, this item looks
>> v
>> =============================================================
>> x Fixed script sources enumeration breakage in Firefox 35
>>  (Moz Bug 1068508, thanks Octoploid for reporting)
> The relevant part appears to be in xpi/components/noscriptService.js.
> I installed xul-ext-noscript again, and patched it in
> place as follows:
> Can you push this patch to wheezy?

I’ll get in touch with the release team before the weekend and hope to
have it applied for 7.9, thanks!



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