David Prévot <taf...@debian.org> writes:

> +  [ Kalle Olavi Niemitalo ]
> +  * Temporarily allow scripts with recent iceweasel
> +    (Closes: #797043)

Those functions in noscriptService.js are used not only for
setting up the menu (from which the user could temporarily
whitelist sites), but also for deciding which tabs to reload
after the whitelist has been changed.  I would thus prefer
this kind of changelog entry:

  * Fix enumeration of scripts on iceweasel >= 35.
    Backported from upstream  (Closes: #797043)

I'm not sure how to format the backport in DEP-3 though, because
upstream doesn't seem to have a public version-control system.
Can it be done like this?

Origin: backport, 

I searched the *.js files of xul-ext-noscript
with a regexp and didn't find any other places where a "let"
statement uses the variable being defined.  The regexp did not
cover statements that define multiple variables, though.

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