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The bug is still present on my setup (MATE desktop).

MATE can use gnome-keyring (mate-desktop-environment-extras recommends
gnome-keyring, which depends on pinentry-gnome3, which has the highest
priority and thus is automatically selected as default pinentry
program), but it seems that something goes wrong inside the chain.

Upgrading gnupg-agent to 2.1.7-2, broke my enigmail setup.

These solutions worked for me (on an up-to-date sid):

- restart gpg-agent manually after session start (eg. open a terminal
and "killall gpg-agent && gpg-agent --daemon")


- reconfigure pinentry alternative to select /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2
instead of /usr/bin/pinentry-gnome3 as default pinentry program


- downgrade to 2.0.x gnupg2/gpg-agent

Neither of these solutions are satisfying; restarting gpg-agent
manually after each session login is a bit tedious; and using
pinentry-gtk-2 instead of pinentry-gnome3 somehow seems to bypass
gnome-keyring, since it's supposed to automatically open my keyring when
the session starts, whereas Icedove still asks for my passphrase the
first time my GPG key is used during the session, which is also a bit
tedious (unlike other apps, like git-buildpackage for example; that's
why I'm reopening the bug, it seems specific to enigmail).


Raphaël Halimi

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