On 13/09/15 22:35, u wrote:
> Heya,
>> Ximin Luo:
>>> When using Files-Excluded, you need to repack the original source
>>> again (e.g. using "uscan --force-download" or something) then do a
>>> "gbp import-orig" of the repacked upstream tarball (that now has a
>>> +dfsg1 in the *upstream* version string).
>>> It doesn't appear you've yet done this in cryptocat.git. For
>>> example, see
>>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/infinity0-guest/cpp-netlib.git/log/?h=upstream
>>> - the most recent commit is not 0.11.1 which is what upstream
>>> released, but 0.11.1+dfsg1 which was repacked by uscan with the
>>> Files-Excluded directive.
> several months later.. I think I've finally managed to correct those
> issues and built and tested the package.
> Does anybody here care to test it, and if it looks fine, sponsor an upload?
> Fyi, there was initially a request to include Cryptocat in Tails, that's
> why I started working on it.


The git repo was a bit messed up so I've done some force-pushes to fix that. 
You'll want to reset your local "master" and "debian" branches to the new ones; 
run "git fetch && git reset (etc)" instead of "git pull". If that's too hard to 
figure out, just re-clone the repo.

Using a GUI tool to visualise git history like gitg(1) is strongly recommended.

The main problem was that you added a "upstream/2.2.2" tag (and commit) on top 
of the "upstream/2.2.2+dfsg" tag. When doing a "repack", the upstream version 
has a +dfsg added to it, so you need to update debian/changelog as well. The 
new version is "2.2.2+dfsg-1" not "2.2.2-1". I've reverted the extraneous 
commits and redone the "Merge tag upstream/xxx" merge.

I also cleaned up some things, please review the commits:

- the debian/watch problem, I caught myself by running "uscan --verbose". not 
sure what was the deal with the previous one, it was very wrong.
- everything else was caught by my lintian. possibly I have a newer version 
than you, I'm on 2.5.38

The remaining things you need to do are:

- is debian/missing-sources/jquery.color.js really the same as 
chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.color.js ? the former has no VERSION, 
the latter is version 2.1.2

- you need to add the full text of AGPL in debian/copyright. yes it's stupid 
that the standard requires this and we can't just include extra 
debian/LICENSE.* files. I tried once to persuade them to fix the standard, but 
didn't get much luck. Maybe a `sed` command can make your life earlier 
formatting all the lines properly.

- file a bug for the "source-is-missing" lintian false positive, see 
debian/source/lintian-overrides for details



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