Hi all,

Some of the recent addons from AMO have contained a META-INF directory with a 
binary mozilla.rsa file in it, as well as a few other text files. The binary 
file is causing dpkg-source to complain. I could override it in 
debian/source/include-binaries but not sure if that is "best practise". The 
other option is to add it to Files-Excluded: in debian/copyright. I think it 
isn't included in the final binary .deb packages anyways.

I am not sure what mozilla.rsa contains (I guess a signature, but of what?), 
and we need to know this to figure out an answer to the above question. I will 
research this myself over the next few days if no-one answers, but I thought 
someone here might have already done this, and could save me that effort.



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