On 13/11/15 02:59, "David Prévot" wrote:
> Hi,
>> Some of the recent addons from AMO have contained a META-INF directory
>> with a binary mozilla.rsa file in it, as well as a few other text files.
> I guess those are the signatures for extensions, in the way of being
> mandatory.
>> The binary file is causing dpkg-source to complain.
> Never noticed any complains, so I’m not sure what you are referring to.
>> I could override it in
>> debian/source/include-binaries but not sure if that is "best practise".
>> The other option is to add it to Files-Excluded: in debian/copyright.
> Not sure any of those options is needed.

Hm, you're right there's no complaint now. I think maybe when it complained to 
me before, it was because I hadn't updated debian/changelog, so it thought it 
had to put META-INF in debian.tar.gz

>> I think it isn't included in the final binary .deb packages anyways.
> I think it is, on the contrary. I removed them from some packages, but
> stop bothering with those: I guess I’m waiting for things like #800150 to
> settle, or for a proper handling by mozilla-devscripts.

OK, yeah it looks like there's no problem on my end now. Thanks for the extra 



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