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On Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 10:47:38AM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> Le 14/11/2015 10:34, Osamu Aoki a écrit :
> > As I see xpi-repack code, it does not do much.  Why not use standard zip
> > repackage and standard orig.tar.gz changes path.  What is the issue by
> > packaging this way.
> xpi-repack also extracts the content of any .jar file inside the .xpi,
> so is would be nice to integrate this handling to mk-origtargz before we
> can get rid of xpi-repack.

I initially wrote script using xpi-repack but rewrote the code using
xpi-unpack.  That is more similar to unzip.


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