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Thanks for your interest in packaged extensions.

> Package: xul-ext-flashblock
> Version: 1.5.19-1
> Severity: grave

> the current version of the flashblock installed from the debian package

The 1.5.19-1 version of flashblock is only available for Stretch currently.

> doesn't work with the current version of Iceweasel installed from the
> security repository:
> iceweasel:amd64/stable 38.4.0esr-1~deb8u1 uptodate

That is the Iceweasel version from Jessie.

> I have tried to reinstall the previous version [2] and this one still
> works fine. I have no idea why the newer version doesn't work but maybe
> the debian package should be reverted back to 1.5.18?

Can you please reinstall the actual package from Jessie, i.e., the
1.5.18-1 version, and report back if it works? If it doesn’t work, can you
please install the latest version (1.5.20-1) from unstable, and report



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