Hi Ximin,

thanks a lot for the work you've put into this.

> I also cleaned up some things, please review the commits:
> - the debian/watch problem, I caught myself by running "uscan
> --verbose". not sure what was the deal with the previous one, it was
> very wrong. - everything else was caught by my lintian. possibly I
> have a newer version than you, I'm on 2.5.38


> The remaining things you need to do are:
> - is debian/missing-sources/jquery.color.js really the same as
> chrome/content/data/js/lib/jquery/jquery.color.js ? the former has no
> VERSION, the latter is version 2.1.2

It is the same version, indeed, I've reverified this. But the minifier
shortens variable names.

> - you need to add the full text of AGPL in debian/copyright. yes it's
> stupid that the standard requires this and we can't just include
> extra debian/LICENSE.* files. I tried once to persuade them to fix
> the standard, but didn't get much luck. Maybe a `sed` command can
> make your life earlier formatting all the lines properly.

Oh wow. Done.

> - file a bug for the "source-is-missing" lintian false positive, see
> debian/source/lintian-overrides for details

Will do.

I've finally pushed the debian/sid branch and last tag and would be glad
if you could sponsor this.


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