Le 18/03/2016 18:06, Josh Triplett a écrit :

> I would suggest that Firefox addon packages should depend on "firefox |
> firefox-esr"

Most of those packages are mozilla-devscripts for the build and just
need to be rebuilt to get fixed. Even if our infrastructure has all the
needed tools to binNMU all of them as a proper transition, some
limitations on the way arch:all binNMU are handled currently prevents us
from having most of them already fixed, see #818104.

What is currently needed if the arch:all binNMU doesn’t get fixed, is
“just” to upload all of them. I’m currently dragged into doing that for
hundred of PHP classes packages because of this no arch:all binNMU
limitation, so I hope someone else from the Debian Mozilla Extension
Maintainers could take the lead on it (new members are welcome ;).



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