> On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 01:05:22PM +0100, Jakub Wilk wrote:
>> To facilitate smoother partial jessie->stretch upgrades, it would be
>> good if iceweasel was added as an alternative dependency.
> I'm not familiar with this use case: could you explain why someone might
> want to do that, please?

It makes the life of the package manager (solver) less painful. It also
would allow one to use xul-ext-* packages from unstable or testing on a
stable release without the hassle of rebuilding it, again not a bad thing.

> Further, firefox-esr will replace iceweasel in Jessie when the next ESR
> release is made by Mozilla.

That will make the current “rebuild all the xul-ext-* world” again more
painful (because stable). If we can start handling this mess sooner, that
would not be bad either (i.e., we could make the xul-ext-* packages from
stable installable with firefox{,-esr} as well as iceweasel right now).
That also means preparing a stable upload of mozilla-devscripts ASAP
(needed anyway, if we want to binNMU or even full upload the xul-ext-*
world in stable).

Starting right now to depend on thunderbird on top of icedove could also
be a good idea, no need to wait for #816679 to be fixed.



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