Based on the work of the icedove and iceweasel maintainers I've uploaded
a first backport of icedove for wheezy-lts for amd64 here:


The armhf build is still churning. If you're using icedove on wheezy
please give it a try.

This includes a enigmail built with a hacked up mozilla-devscripts
(#825508, #825510) to make it installable.

It works fine with my limited testing (IMAP, SMTP, GPG-Encrypt/Decrypt).

I intend to upload this as soon as we're as far with this in Jessie as
well to avoid having a newer upstream version in oldstable than in
stable for too long.

Since we will want to update icedove, enigmail and mozilla-devscripts:
will this be one DLA or three? One would be nice since these changes are
all triggered by the upstream version update of icedove.

I had a list of the packages to support and did not spot any other
widely used extensions - in case I missed something please let me know.

 -- Guido

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