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On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 01:37:29PM +0200, Hartmut Buhrmester wrote:
> The upstream bug report
> <> is not about uBlock
> Origin. It is about resolving alias names in fontconfig files. But neither
> uBlock Origin nor Font Awesome use any fontconfig files. So these are
> different issues.

Indeed, I do not claim to understand exactly how that bug is connected
to the problem with uBlock origin.  The important thing is that Firefox
48 fixes the problem, and since that will soon reach Debian unstable,
there is no need to make any changes to this package.

> The original extension at [1] doesn't include a symbolic
> link for Linux. This wouldn't make much sense, since the relative path
> to the original file may be different on different
> distributions. Also, an extension on can't require a font
> package on Linux.
> I don't think, that a Firefox extension can actually resolve Linux symbolic
> links. Extensions are written in JavaScript, XML and CSS, and they are run
> by Firefox. So I don't think, that extensions have an understanding of the
> underlying file system.

I don't believe that the extension is responsible for actually loading
any fonts; that's Firefox's job.

> The symbolic link was introduced on your side, possibly by an
> automatic system to search for duplicate files and replace them with
> symbolic links to their canonical installation paths.
> But it just doesn't work in this case. You should replace the symbolic link
> with the original font file, and then it works now, and not someday in
> Firefox 48.

We can't do that.  Debian packages cannot include copies of files that
are installed by other Debian packages; in this case, by the
fonts-font-awesome package.  There are several reasons for this.  An
important one is that it is harder to keep the font up-to-date.  We
don't want more than one version of the font to be installed on any
Debian system.  See Debian Policy section 4.13 (that discusses "code",
but the policy extends to fonts).

Sean Whitton

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