Control: severity -1 normal
Control: retitle -1 allow auto-build of this package when doing a source-only 

Hi Andreas, I've just done a binary-only upload of this package so it should 
appear in unstable soon. The auto-build did not fail, it was just not run in 
the first place because of [1] below as you noted months ago.

Hi non-free release team, any update on the below request?


Ximin Luo:
> Hello,
> I've reviewed the license of this package and believe it's OK to autobuild.
> The upstream software is released as CC-BY-NC-ND, but the author gave the 
> Debian project an exception to create derivatives, as documented in 
> debian/copyright: "I here by grant you explicit permission to go ahead and 
> create a derivative work for including into your Debian GNU/Linux system."
> As I understand, "derivative" is unqualified here and implicitly includes 
> auto-built binaries.
> I've added XS-Autobuild in the git repo on Alioth, please let me know when 
> it's OK to upload the next version.
> Thanks,
> Ximin
> Ximin Luo:
>> Ack, I will review the license for autobuilding. Thanks for taking care of 
>> it this time!
>> X
>> Andreas Beckmann:
>>> Hi,
>>> you recently did a source-only upload of colorfultabs 30.0.3+dfsg-1 to
>>> sid/non-free. This package is not (yet) whitelisted for autobuilding and
>>> was therefore lacking the binary packages.
>>> I just built and uploaded the missing arch:all packages, but for the
>>> future please continue doing source+binary uploads, at least until until
>>> you get autobuilding enabled [1] (if the license permits this).
>>> [1]
>>> Andreas

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